MitiGator™ Truck Seat Cushions

The MitiGator™ can easily be retrofitted to a truck, tractor or heavy equipment seat.  The seat is stripped down with the old upholstery and foam removed.  A MitiGator™ is then custom trimmed to fit on the seat pan in the area where the tail bone of the occupant would be.  Then foam is trimmed to size to accommodate the new MitiGator™ insert.  New upholstery (or the old can be reused if it is in good shape) is then reinstalled over the foam, MitiGator™ and seat pan.  The finished cushion is then ready to be reinstalled in the vehicle.

One customer has 100 repair centers that have 1 to 5 trucks each.  Each center has its own territory and each driver is on the road 5 days a week going to each sales center to make onsite repairs.  The trucks are GMC WM 5500 HD & ISUZU  NPR.  The drivers of these trucks sit on top of the wheel base and shock absorber system.

The Parts Foreman from one of the centers emailed us “Just wanted you to know that the seat is a huge success! He got the seat installed this morning and he just told me a couple of minutes ago that he could not believe the difference. So GOOD JOB!  It just so happens that the truck was given to a different driver, one who was rear ended a few months back.  He said that before the MitiGator was installed if he hit a bump, dip or pothole he was lifted out of his seat a good 6″.   After the install he intentionally hit bumps, dips and potholes and he remained seated without feeling the impact. Thanks again and a big THANK YOU from the driver.”

The Foreman is in process of contacting each of the other 99 centers and corporate headquarters to make them aware of how well the MitiGators work to reduce pain and injury.  He is hopeful that Corporate will make the MitiGator™ a requirement in all of their service trucks.