The New iPhone 5… I mean iPhone 4s

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Yesterday the Apple universe was anticipating the much awaited iPhone 5 that was supposed to bring down the heavens and do your taxes all at the same time-instead, we got the iPhone 4s. Looking at the 4s, you’ll notice that it’s almost identical to the iPhone 4. So if you were looking for a wider screen and thinner frame, you’ll be disappointed.

What makes the iPhone 4s standout is its voice activated personal assistant Siri, which allows you to set up your daily calender, alarm, search for movie times, and other queries all through voice commands.

Seems impressive, however the Siri app is already available for the iPhone 4, so this is nothing we haven’t already seen before. Other subtle changes are its faster processor that is not noticeable  to the naked eye compared to the iPhone 4. Surely the iPhone 4s will make impressive sales numbers, but there was a wow factor missing when the phone was introduced yesterday.

The magic that was around previous phones just wasn’t there. Maybe it’s the absence of Steve Jobs, perhaps it’s just that the phone didn’t break any barriers like older phones.  Looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the iPhone 5.

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