The Concussion Epidemic

Head injuries in football are in the spot light as concussions and other head related injuries are becoming more prevalent. In October, a high school football player in upstate New York died after receiving a violent hit during play. ” An ambulance took the player to a hospital, and he was being transferred to a large medical center in Syracuse when his condition deteriorated. The ambulance turned around, but doctors were unable to save the the student’s life.”

A Purdue study on high school football players show that head related injuries are difficult to detect and aren’t as obvious until a brain scan is done on the athlete- meaning that many players may have suffered injury without even knowing it.  Severe head injuries can alter brain function leading to memory loss, headaches, and other symptoms. Purdue researcher Eric Nauman believes that football helmets are good at protecting against head fractures, however there not as good in protecting against concussions, according to

Severe injuries like concussions are difficult to diagnose increasing the chance that players can suffer long-term effects of their injuries well after the end of their careers. The equipment used in high school, college, and professional levels need to be fitted with the most advanced materials and cushioning systems that can reduce the risk of severe injury during play.  The right equipment can make a big impact when combating the concussion epidemic in organized football

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