The Concussion Epidemic

Head injuries in football are in the spot light as concussions and other head related injuries are becoming more prevalent. In October, a high school football player in upstate New York died after receiving a violent hit during play. ” An ambulance took the player to a hospital, and he was being transferred to a […]

Children And Sport Injuries

Millions of children participate in some sort of organized sport or physical activity every year. Sports related injuries have become common as child athletes push their bodies to the limit where their practice regiment may actually be counter-productive in achieving optimal health. According to the National Center For Sports Safety: Injuries associated with participation in […]

Cycling With The MitiGator

Most of us remember legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong winning the Tour De France over seven times making him one of the greatest athletes in sports history. Cycling is both a serious sport and leisure activity that people from around the world enjoy.  Hitting a trail on a sunny weekend afternoon is a great way to […]