Millions Of Teeth Lost Every Year In Youth Sports

According to USA Today, over 3 million teeth are knocked out every year in children who engage in youth sports. Baseball and Basketball are the sports where these injuries occur the most. The most common injuries are displaced teeth and broken jaws, that if not treated by a dentist or other medical professional within 24 […]

The MitiGator Great For Home Decor

Home appliances and furniture can make one’s life more comfortable while adding style to your home. Stainless steel appliances have grown in popularity because of the crisp, clean look that it gives a kitchen. As far as furniture like sofas, coffee tables, and other home decor, the right furniture can display the homeowners tastes and […]

The MitiGator And Pumping Iron

Strength and conditioning training has gained popularity in recent years as Americans look to fight the growing problem of obesity.  Weight training is deemed by many in the medical field as one the best ways, combined with a healthy diet, to lose body fat and reduce the risk of heart disease. Weight training has also […]

Protecting Your Gadgets With The MitiGator

Americans are a people on the go. We move from place to place running errands and getting to and from work never seeming slow down unless it’s for an occasional Latte. To accommodate our busy lifestyles mobile technology like smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices have made our lives easier to where we can […]

Cycling With The MitiGator

Most of us remember legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong winning the Tour De France over seven times making him one of the greatest athletes in sports history. Cycling is both a serious sport and leisure activity that people from around the world enjoy.  Hitting a trail on a sunny weekend afternoon is a great way to […]