The Concussion Problem in the NFL

During football season fans from around the country gather at sport bars and barbecues to watch their favorite NFL or college team.  It’s safe to say the popularity of professional and college football has grown in recent years. Its popularity is mainly attributed to its violent and exciting nature. Besides touchdowns, fans love seeing the […]

Mitigator Going Mainstream

Yes, Mitigator is going mainstream with a whole new set of products aimed at Extreme Sports and Consumer Products.  Keep your eyes wide open ’cause here we COME!

Mitigator Safety Material Saves Boy from Horrible Crash

Image via Wikipedia FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ( August 6, 2010 — June 23 2010 Mr. Richard McKinney MitiGator High Impact Cushioning Systems, As a Father I would like to thank you for your MitiGator High Impact Cushioning System, my son Hunter was fitted at Richardson Racing Products for new custom built seat with the MitiGator […]

Team Mitigator Race Team has a Tough Weekend

Team Mitigator, the maker of Extreme Sports Protection Systems, had a very eventful weekend, just not what we expected.  So the weekend was suppose to be filled with cheers and people having champagne being poured over their heads in victory, but this weekend proved to be, not quite what we had anticipated.  It started off […]

MitigatorInc makes it to Nascar makes it to the Legends of Nascar race protecting David Pearson from harms way. Larry Pearson, his son, was in a horrific crash that day, had he been in a Mitigator equipped car, his injuries would have been less severe. For More information – please visit us online at: more about “MitigatorInc makes […]