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The Amazing Race could have used our Mitigator Enhanced Helmets

Well, sometimes the “not so extreme” sports require a little protection as evident from this video from The Amazing Race.  Depicted below is one of the contestants trying to hit a fully armoured target by firing whole watermelons from a make shift sling shot.  She starts getting pretty close to target, and then the unthinkable happens.  The Armoured Target fights back! 

Well, you just know this is gonna end badly.  Had she been wearing our patented Mitigator Enhanced Helmets, she wouldn’t have felt a thing.

So the next time you are firing watermellons at some target, you may want to think twice about protection for yourself!  Enjoy!

The MitiGator™ Technology is an engineered cushioning system designed to protect people and equipment from these assaults and to allow them to continue to perform their jobs or enjoy their leisure time. The MitiGator™ uses patented air control technology working with over 4,000 surfaces per square foot to dissipate energy before it is transmitted to the body and thus help alleviate the problems.

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Mitigator Safety Material Saves Boy from Horrible Crash

A Bandolero race car exhibited at Madison Inte...
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( August 6, 2010 —
June 23 2010

Mr. Richard McKinney
MitiGator High Impact Cushioning Systems,

As a Father I would like to thank you for your MitiGator High Impact Cushioning System, my son Hunter was fitted at Richardson Racing Products for new custom built seat with the MitiGator High Impact Cushioning System being installed, I see now how that allowed them to build us the best Race seat I have ever seen. I was told of how your MitiGator System works in other race cars and boats along with the ability to protect our soldiers as they use it in the Military Vehicles of all types. I want to let other parents know that if they have a Son or Daughter racing or they race themselves they need to install this product into their seat. It will make any professional racing seat safer and more comfortable. With the introduction to the MitiGator High Impact Cushioning System as Matt at Richardson’s Racing Products installed it at their facility I became a true believer in the ability of how MitiGator would make our new seat the safest seat we could provide him.

Last Monday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway my son Hunter’s new custom racing seat for his Bandolero Race Car was tested as he had the worst crash of his racing career. As he was practicing he came out of the second turn and another car spun-out right in front of him leaving him nowhere to go but hit him hard. Hunter hit him with his car that weighs in at 765 Lbs. creating a violent impact that caused a lot of damage like the following we bent the Rack and Pinion steering which is located in the car and inside the driverscompartment, bent the Spindle and A-Frame, destroyed the front support Horns and Bumper, and completely wiped out the Front body of the Car. But to our surprise Hunter limped the car back to the pits with out as much as having the breathe knocked out of him, it was amazing Hunter said he was held so tight in the seat that he absolutely felt NOTHING except the spoke in the steering wheel snapped back and bruised his hand.

After the night was over I told Todd thank you to for insisting on us installing this amazing safety product into our new custom built Richardson Seat. It is my opinion that the MitiGator should be mandatory in all forms of Racing after seeing it work first hand. Hunter said it was cool he didn’t feel anything but WOW what a difference in crashing a Bando compared to my quarter midgets, the Bandolero hit was the hardest I have ever been in and I am glad to know I am so safe in my car. Hunter thought Matt was cool when he made him a special seat cover that matched his race car but Monday night he was really Glad Matt took the time to fit him and add the MitiGator system to his seat.

Thanks Again,
Donald Richards (Father)
Hunter Richards (Driver)

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Team Mitigator Race Team has a Tough Weekend

Team Mitigator, the maker of Extreme Sports Protection Systems, had a very eventful weekend, just not what we expected.  So the weekend was suppose to be filled with cheers and people having champagne being poured over their heads in victory, but this weekend proved to be, not quite what we had anticipated.  It started off with Team Mitigator’s Auto Racing Team having mechanical problems on Lap 12 with smoke billowing out of the rear of the car.  It was unclear what the problem was and Team Mitigator Car 13 went into the pits to see if they could resolve the issue.  They could not and therefore never made it back out onto the track.

On Sunday, Team Mitigator’s Offshore Racing Team took to the beautiful waters of Miami Beach to continue on with its win out of Maryland.  Warren Miller, Team Mitigator’s Driver/Owner of the Mitigator Boat,  had the boat configured for rough seas and the initial glance at water conditions were that of calm seas which gave some concern to how well Team Mitigator would place.  On Race Day Team Mitigator was heading out to the starting point of the when it was hit by a rough wave which caused water to flow into the exhaust and created what is called a “Hydro Lock”, water flowing into the engine and the engine shutting down.  At first look, it was assumed that the battery had taken a hit and cracked but that was not the case as Warren later found out.  The boat had to be towed in and Team Mitigator was never able to start the race.

In High Performance racing, these land and sea vehicle’s are highly sophisticated and very sensitive pieces of engineering marvels.  The fact that these drivers and their equipment is driven to the edge of their maximum performance, and the constant “tweaking” to get that last bit of horse power out of them, eventually leads to breakdown, it happens with every race team.

So although Team Mitigator had a tough weekend, we would like to thank all the sponsors of the 3rd Annual SIB Offshore Powerboat Challenge.  We will see you next year, same place but with a vengeance in our bones!


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