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Upcoming video this week: We put MitiGator to the test!

Make sure you check back later this week when we post the video showcasing the MitiGator's results from our paintball test

Well I was hoping I could post the video on here now showcasing the newest MitiGator test, but a problem with the paintball gun last week has kept us from being able to shoot the video. But make sure you check back later this week as we will be shooting the test this week.

The video/test will be myself getting shot on three different occasions with a paintball gun. The first test will be without any protection, so I will be getting shot on bare skin. This will give us a baseline to showcase what a direct impact will do on bare skin. The second shot will be while I am wearing a standard paintball vest that hasnt been equipped with MitiGator. And of course the third test will be a MitiGator equipped paintball vest. The MitiGator is designed to absorb and dissipate impacts and vibrations from the user. So for a paintball gun it will absorb the impact from the paintball and dissipate the energy created away from the user. This will help cut down on bruises and injuries that are associated with playing the sport.

So make sure you stop back by later this week and also check out our youtube stream for the video.