Team MitiGator Racing “Meet & Greet” in Clarksville Thursday October 29

Team MitiGator™ Racing “Meet & Greet” in Clarksville Thursday October 29th

Team MitiGator™ Racing will hold a fan appreciation day on Thursday, October 29, 2009 from 2:00 to 4:00PM in downtown Clarksville in the Sea Systems Group, Inc. (SEAS) parking lot as the 2009 race season winds down.  The Team MitiGator™ 510 Offshore Joker Race Boat and the Team MitiGator™ 13S Ford Fusion will be on display and Drivers Warren Miller and John Gibson will be on hand for autographs and talks and questions with fans.  In addition John and Kristy Gibson of Gibson Motorsports will be guest speakers at the Lake Country Rotary Club luncheon at the Lake House Restaurant at 12:00 noon.  The Gibson’s will talk about stock car racing as a family owned business and how motorsports marketing can help grow a business.  The Rotary meeting is open to the public for those who wish to learn more about stock car racing and Rotary International.


Team MitiGator™ at The Rock in Rockingham, NC (Photos courtesy of Kathy Bond/USAR).

Gibson Motorsports is a small family owned business dedicated to stock car racing and John Gibson’s motorsports career. Driver John Gibson is 24 years old and has been racing since he was very young.  John is currently 7th in USAR Pro Cup Championship Points with one race to go.  His next and last race of 2009 is Saturday October 31 at the South Boston Speedway.  Come and watch him shoot for a win after coming off of two straight top five places in the USAR Pro Cup Championship Series.  Watch the live webcast from John’s pit at South Boston on on Saturday at about 4:00PM.  Find out more about Gibson Motorsports’ at

teammitigatorboatjump Team MitiGator™ goes airborne during the OPA Offshore Race in Ocean City, MD.

The Team MitiGator™ Offshore Racing boat (#510) is owned and driven by Warren Miller of High Priority Offshore Racing (  Warren began offshore racing in 1998 and started racing OPA Offshore Racing in 2006 with an OPA National Points Title in his class.  Team MitiGator™ Offshore won second place in the 2009 OPA GEICO Triple Crown US Championship in its class and took one checkered flag this year. Join the Facebook “Team MitiGator Offshore Racing” Group to keep in contact with Warren and the crew as they get ready for the 2010 season.

Sea Systems Group sponsors Team MitiGator Racing and is the manufacturer of MitiGator™ products. The MitiGator™ Technology is an engineered cushioning system designed to protect people from hi-speed, hi-impact assaults and to allow them to continue to perform their jobs or enjoy their leisure time.  The MitiGator™ uses patented air control technology working with 4,044 surfaces per square foot to dissipate energy before it is transmitted to the body and thus help alleviate problems.  The shock and vibration dampening features of the MitiGator give a competitive edge by the end of a long race.  These forces, when transmitted to drivers, can impair their comfort, performance, and visual acuity and in extreme cases, even the ability to control the vehicle. Whole body vibration in the range of 4 Hz vertical and 1-2 Hz side to side can create loss of control for vehicle operators. This is a resonant frequency (the range of motion is increased rhythmically with this frequency) and operators can be literally unable to control the vehicle. Find out more at our new MitiGator website at

The SEAS parking lot is directly behind the Wachovia Bank on Virginia Ave. in Clarksville, VA.  Please come down and meet the Team MitiGator™ drivers.

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Team Mitigator at Rockingham Speedway this Saturday

Team Mitigator will be at the Rockingham Speedway this Saturday for the USAR Aaron’s 150 Event and ARCA RE/Max Pole Day.  Advanced tickets are still available at reduced rates prior to the race which end Friday October 9.  USAR Practice and Qualifying Admission to the grandstands is FREE so get your butts over there and enjoy some early excitement.

Team Mitigator, known for its behind the scenes and getting down and dirty with their webcasts in the pits will not be able to broadcast at this event due to technical difficulties at the track.  We will, however, be at the event to give our overview of how things went and to observe John Gibson #13 take another top 10 finish.

If you are in the area, and are looking for some great family fun, stop on by and if you happen to see any of Team Mitigator walking around, say Hi!

Mitigator Making News

Click here for a technical description of the technology used in our products.

Click here to review the 2003 MACC presentation on using The MitiGator™ for applications onboard hi-speed boats, including mats, bolsters, seat cushions, below decks and equipment protection. Also go to for other presentations related to injuries during hi-speed boat operations.
Press Releases

June 2009-Sea Systems Group Ships the 50 (doc)
June 2009-PPI and SEAS Offer MitiGator Mats (doc)
June 2009-PPI Updates a Donzi with MitiGator (doc)
June 2009-Trinidad Delivery (doc)
October 2008-WBHF Cushion Shipment (doc)
September 2008-The University of Adelaide of Australia (doc)
October 2006-SEA Systems demonstrates MitiGator™ technology at 2006 World Inboard Championship Races
September 14, 2005-2005 Milestones Achieved
December 1, 2004-Southern Piedmont Technical Council presents SEAS The 2004 Leadership in Science and Technology Award
October 18, 2004-Dawnbreaker/Navy Awards SEAS the prestigious Outstanding Phase III Transition Award
March 19, 2004-2004 Milestones Achieved
March 24, 2003-SEAS Receives Favorable Test Results from DOD
November 15, 2002-SEAS Delivers Prototypes to US DOD
October 20, 2002-SEAS Announces Technology Trademark
June 17, 2002-SEAS Announces WEB Presence
June 3, 2002-Innovative Seat Cushioning System

Request More Information on the following

Hydroplane Challenge
2005 Milestones
Leadership Award
Navy Award
2004 Milestones
DOD Test Results
DOD Prototypes
New Trademark
Website Launch
Cobra Cushion

Impact Injuries

Impact Injuries: boatImpact injury is a major problem for many people who must work in aircraft, hi-speed small boats, recreational vehicles, heavy equipment and other tactical vehicles during military training and missions. These impact injuries range from spinal injuries obtained during one time events (such as a mine blast or a crash landing of a helicopter) to spinal, lower torso and limb injuries resulting from repeated impacts that occur as the result of constant impacts related to high speed operation of tactical vehicles (such as the pounding into waves in a small boat). Impact Injuries: trackMany military careers are ended or restricted due to the injuries sustained during training or operations. These injuries can be as disabling as spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis (as in a blast event) or somewhat more subtle joint injuries that prevent personnel from continuing a mission because of the pain induced by repeated impacts in a small boat.

Impact Injuries: racing seatSEAS staff have developed The MitiGator™ Technology, which is a cushioning system (utilizing one or more layers of The MitiGator™ Technology that dissipates much of the energy of impacts and prevents that energy from passing through to the human body, thus reducing the level of injury sustained. The MitiGator™ Technology is as effective against repeated impacts (high speed boats or ground vehicles) as it is against one-time events (crash landings).

Impact Injuries: cross sectionThe MitiGator™ utilized in the cushion has been shown to attenuate as much as 40% more energy than standard or conformal foam systems.

The MitiGator™ Technology is an engineered system; specific MitiGator™ configurations can be designed for specific applications. Along with its good energy-attenuating characteristics, The MitiGator™ has the added advantage of returning to its original configuration after impact, making it suitable for repeated impacts. The cushioning system is made of materials that will survive in a marine environment. Studies have also shown that the system also acts as a vibration attenuating system as well.

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