New YouTube Site For MitiGator!

Seas Group has just filmed its first video for our new YouTube site “1001 Uses for MitiGator”.  The videos we’ll be creating will deal with practical and impractical uses for the MitiGator. We’ll be conducting demonstrations on various uses showing how the MitiGator will protect the body from impacts.


What’s great about our new site is that we encourage outside participation, meaning that we want your thoughts and ideas on what the MitiGator can be used for. If we find an idea that we like, we’ll do a video demonstrating your idea. Your questions and thoughts are important to us because we want to develop the best product possible. The success of MitiGator depends on your feedback.  If you have any ideas or questions on the MitiGator, please click on the media lick below to contact us.

The MitiGator™ Technology is an engineered cushioning system designed to protect people and equipment from these assaults and to allow them to continue to perform their jobs or enjoy their leisure time. The MitiGator™ uses patented air control technology working with over 4,000 surfaces per square foot to dissipate energy before it is transmitted to the body and thus help alleviate the problems. For more information on the MitiGator Cushioning System email

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