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Rick McKinney and the staff of Sea Systems;

Thank you for the opportunity to test the MitiGator™ cushioning system. As a driver and a technical editor for Circle Track Magazine I come across a lot of products designed to make my life easier and more comfortable inside the cockpit of my car. The problem with these products is that the majority of them are designed to make the driver more comfortable, but the foam or material can’t withstand the type of impacts that areassociated with our sport.

This is where MitiGator™ has the competition covered. When I had a chance to test out the product at South Boston, Virginia I had some skepticism. This skepticism was completely gone as soon as I took the car out on to the track.  As you know, the race was 250 laps, and after most races my lower back and legs are always sore. At some races, I struggled to even stand up because of lower back pain. After using your product this was one of the first times I could remember where I didn’t wake up the next day complaining of pain in my back and legs. In fact after the race I felt like I could run 250 more laps.

With all that being said, I will never install another seat into any cockpit that I drive without your MitiGator™ Cushioning System installed into the seat.

Thanks again,

John Gibson
Driver—Gibson Motorsports
Technical Editor—Circle Track Magazine

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