MitigatorInc Opens New R&D Lab For Consumer and Professional Sports Protection in Tampa Florida

MitigatorInc. LLC is proud to announce the opening of our New Research and Development Lab in Tampa Florida.  Rick McKinney, the Division President, and Barb McKinney, the Division Vice President are extremely excited to expand it’s Seasgroup Inc mother company, that specializes in Blast and Shock Protection for Military Applications, with it’s new Consumer based division and development Lab.  MitigatorInc.’s main goal is to utilize the Mitigator Technology found in its Military division, and implement it into consumer based products.

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Some products that are being reviewed for development are Baseball Helmets, Football Helmets, Hockey Helmets and full body armor.  In conjunction with looking into consumer products, MitigatorInc is looking at professional sports athletes protection.  “We currently have professional athletes, specifically Professional Hockey Players, that are interested in what the Mitigator Technology can do for them.  Professional Hockey, and Football are two of the most violent impact/injury prone sports currently played today in the United

States”, quoted Robert Masse, Director of Engineering for MitigatorInc.

“With the ongoing discussions regarding Professional Athletes and injury prevention, especially in light of all the discussions and press by the NFL and concussion prevention, this is an opportune time to show the NFL that there are far superior solutions to the problem than just modified styrofoam.  We want to be able to supply a quality product, in a timely manner,  that is far superior than anything else on the market while ensuring that our favorite past times are continued to play with as much physical support to the athletes that entertain us weekly.

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