MitigatorInc LLC is now Officially Open for Business!

Well, it took a bit of time, effort, and creativity, but we finally got the new R&D Proto-Type Lab up and running, but it wouldn’t be complete unless we actually had signage.  So here we go, and it’s a hell of a sign.  So if you are into sports of any kind that is subjected to hitting, falling, shaking, jumping, crashing, or any other kind of roughness (get the picture), look us up and let us know what type of protection you are looking for.  We deal with helmets, chest protectors, gloves, shoe inserts, seat inserts (anything from boats, to cars, to motorsports and heavy equipment), pelvic protectors, and just about anything else you can think of that would need protection from shock and impact.

We are located at 7826 Causeway Blvd, Unit C, Tampa Florida 33619 and our office number is 813-623-5900.  This facility is our new state of the art R&D Prototyping lab.  Our main focus here will be on consumer and Professional Sport equipment, but we will also support our main Corporation of Seasgroup Inc based out of Clarksville, VA.

Please give us a call anytime!

[googleMap name=”MitigatorInc LLC” description=”MitigatorInc LLC Headquarters” width=”640″ height=”480″ directions_from=”true”]7826 Causeway Blvd, Tampa, FL[/googleMap]

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