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Team MitiGator sure is pleased with the MitiGator seating system in our race boat.  We are currently in mid season of our 2009 racing year, and we have a couple rough water races coming up on our schedule. I was just thinking back to the Ocean City race in 2006. We were racing in 10’+ water conditions with a quartering sea (the worst) and we walked away from that race feeling great. I will never forget after that race when we got back to the marina, and found a line of rescue units picking up our fellow racers with severe back and neck problems. Some were so severe that they still have not been able to return to racing to this day, and we had no problems at all. The other thing is that we are racing with guys that are more than half our age, and we are still winning races, due to the fact that we can run the boat much harder and not have to worry about how we are going to feel after the race. In years past (before MitiGator) my wife would be standing on the dock after a race with a hand full of pain mediation asking how many of these do you think you need? Now she does not even carry any meds to the races, simply because she knows we will not need them. I also think it’s cool that the other racers that have the MitiGator system in their boats love it. Its unusual that a racer will come up to you after a race and thank you for setting them up with a seating system that works and does everything it claims to do for the human body, (It keeps you safe).

A few weeks ago Mack Clark (the throttle man) hurt his back at home working on a building. He made an appointment with his Chiropractor. This doctor is a family friend, and he knows what Mack does on the weekends in a race boat. After a very thorough exam with X-rays he told Mack that he cannot believe that he is in such great shape. He told Mack to never race in that boat without those seats because they are working for him. He now has MitiGator brochures and hands them out to his patients that need to have a little MitiGator in their lives.

As you know we have a big race this weekend in Long Island NY.  This race is the 2nd leg of the Geico Triple Crown, and we are currently in 2nd place in the points standing. I was watching the weather channel today (8/17/09) and they were talking about Hurricane Bill will be off the coast of New England by Sunday morning, race day. After seeing that I sure am glad we have MitiGator seats, because it’s looking like a rough one coming up. I just wish the rest of the race boat was as dependable as Seas Systems, and MitiGator seats. Wish us luck, and I will keep you informed on the racing.

Thank you for everything you guys do for us.

Warren Miller
Owner / Driver
High Priority Offshore Racing

Team MitiGator

Seating Proven in Extreme Environments


The MitiGator™ Marine Products


The MitiGator™ system dissipates much of the energy of shocks/impacts and prevents that energy from passing through to the human body, thus reducing the level of injury sustained.  Musculoskeletal injuries are an enduring problem for marine law enforcement, homeland security and military personnel in small high-speed boats.


Spinal and joint injuries occur from repetitive pounding over rough water, as well as in single impact events (ex. large wave at night).  The US Office of Naval Research (ONR) has indicated that 66% of small boat operators suffer from boat induced injuries, 95% of which are musculoskeletal related.  ONR reports that in its study, 75% of the injuries required medical attention, 18% resulted in hospitalization for more than a week and 20% report chronic pain as a result of small boat operations.  At any given time, 16% of boat operators are unavailable for duty as a result of injuries.  Marine law enforcement data is not available, but the injury rate is most likely higher because they operate twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Lower back pain costs Americans $60 billion per year in treatments and American businesses about $15 billion annually.  For Americans, after the common cold, back pain is the number one reason Americans miss work. Across the country in 1999, more than 420,000 people missed work because of back injury. Each lost an average of 6 days on the job, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  For a first-time back injury, the cost of drugs, doctor’s visits, and physical therapy can add up to as much as $10,000. But for more severe cases — the kind that result when a person is hurt over and over again — the costs can climb as high as $300,000 (Spine, December 1, 2001).


The MitiGator™ marine protective products are engineered to dissipate much of the shock and impact energy before it can be transmitted to the body.  The MitiGator™ reduces the shocks felt by boat crews during boat operations by 30-80%.  They allow crews to operate longer and more efficiently.  Evaluated by the Navy, several marine law enforcement agencies and boat manufacturers and found to be “fantastic” at dissipating the energy of repeated impacts during hi-speed operations.

The system is effective against the repeated impacts found on high speed boats and has been shown to attenuate as much as 80% more energy than other systems. The products are made of materials that will survive in a marine environment. Studies have shown that the systems act as a vibration attenuating system as well. This reduces fatigue and pain, allowing crewmembers to concentrate on the mission or task at hand.

Please contact us for pricing for a cushion for your seat, bolster or any other needs.

The MitiGator™ can be used for many other application on board a small boat including suspended decks to dissipate energy before it is transferred from the hull, cabin/head padding, sensitive equipment protection, fenders, rub rails, etc.

See the related press release DOD Test Results.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced Cushioning Methodology
  • Elastomer or Foam Construction
  • Internally Molded Air Passages
  • Interconnecting Orifices – Choked Airflow
  • Airflow Redirects Impact Energy Laterally
  • Maximizes Energy Absorption
  • Minimizes Rebound / Reusable after Hard Landings and Repeated Impacts
  • Fire Resistant and Non-Skid, Abrasion Resistant, Mildew & Mold Resistant, Solvent Resistant, etc.; Does not Harm Fiberglass Surfaces
  • Low Vibration Transmissibility in 0.5Hz –100Hz Range

Premier Performance Interiors and Sea Systems Group Offer MitiGator™ Hi-Impact™ Deck Mats for Boaters

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The problem for all types of boaters (saltwater and fresh water fishing, recreational, occupational, racers, Poker Runners, military, cruisers, etc.):

  • Musculoskeletal injuries are an enduring problem in high-speed boats.
  • Spinal and joint injuries occur from repetitive pounding over rough water, continued vibration as well as in single impact events (ex. large wave at night).
  • Advancements in boat construction and powering technology have led to ever-increasing craft speed and increasing numbers of reported impact injuries.
  • A critical objective within a human-centered approach to boating is to reduce the incidence of impact injury.
  • In 2000, the U. S. Naval Health Research Center conducted a comprehensive study of U. S. Special Operations craft crewmen. Of those surveyed, 65% reported one or more injuries that required hospitalization, with 95% of these injuries attributed to craft operation.
  • The reported injury rate was nearly six times that of the overall U. S. Navy average.
  • While the injury sites are numerous, trauma to the lumbar spine, at 34% of the reported injuries, is believed to be the most deserving of attention.
  • A spinal injury is painful, highly debilitating, costly, and its victim often suffers for the remainder of his/her life.
  • Lower back pain costs Americans $60 billion per year in treatments and American businesses about $15 billion annually.

The solution is to stop the impact forces from reaching the boaters body by putting a MitiGator™ Mat on the deck:

  • The MitiGator™ Technology is proven to stop as much as 80% of the energy from vibrations and impacts from reaching the boaters body.
  • A boat equipped with MitiGator™ Mats transmits only about 20% of the energy to the body.
  • This is not your daddy’s or neighbor’s foam mat!
  • The MitiGator™ Technology is an engineered cushioning system designed to protect people from hi-speed, hi-impact assaults and to allow them to continue to perform their jobs or enjoy their leisure time.
  • The MitiGator™ Technology uses patented air control techniques working with 4,044 surfaces per square foot to dissipate energy before it is transmitted to the body and thus helps alleviate the problems.
  • The MitiGator™ Technology reduces fatigue and pain, allowing boaters to concentrate on the fishing, the race or poker run or the objective.
  • Extremely durable – laboratory tested to 1,750,000 heavy impacts with no reduction in energy dissipation.
  • Superior quality construction by SEAS and PPI with a durable anti-slip surface that stays where you want it on the deck, convenient heavy duty carrying handle on portable units and it includes an industrial zipper.
  • Heavy enough that it will not blow out when it is not being used.

The options are numerous for every boater’s needs:

deckmat1Hi-Impact™ Xtreme Comfort Portable Deck Mats

Durable anti-slip surface all around won’t slip on deck

Convenient, heavy duty, comfortable carrying handle

Industrial nylon zipper

12” x 24” x 1”                    5 lbs.                                $275.00

13.75” x 29” x 1”                  10 lbs.                                $475.00

Purchase online at Xtreme Comfort Boat Mats

Custom sizes available, call 434-374-9553 for a quote or click or contact us by using the contact button on the lower right hand corner of the page.

deckmat2Hi-Impact™ Xtreme Fixed Deck Mats

Durable anti-slip covering in multiple colors and styles

Factory installed at PPI’s facility in Bradenton, FL

Kits available for self installation including easy to follow instructions

Installs with common shop tools and can be trimmed to fit on site

Full or partial deck coverage, instructions include information on how to install on only part of the deck

Contact us for assistance or further information.

Price is based on custom install.

We will show you how to get the MitiGator™  Technology built into your seat cushions as well.  Sitting down in rough water and still feeling safe is an awesome experience.

Visit SEAS’ website at for information on the MitiGator™ Technology.