Industrial/Material Handling


MitiGator™ Technology is a smart passive engineered cushioning material designed to reduce or element damage or Injury caused by impact, repeated shock or whole body vibration.  Use of the MitiGator™ in equipment seats will result in less work place injuries and fewer insurance claims.

MitiGator Technology ™ Performance:

  • Reduces Whole Body Vibration (WBV) by an average of 36% and as much as 75%
  • Dissipates 40-60% more shock/impact energy than other passive cushioning technologies
  • Reduces Loading as much as 4-8 Times More than Foams
  • Engineered Design Allows 0ptimization for Different Applications
  • Cells & Channels Dissipate Energy – MitiGator is Material Independent
  • 1 ¾ million impacts w/ no deterioration in performance

Back injury can be caused by vibration from a vehicle or machine passing through the seat into the driver’s body through the buttocks. This is Whole Body Vibration (WBV).   Regular exposure to whole-body vibration over many months or years can lead to damage and back pain. The longer you are exposed and the higher the level of whole-body vibration, the greater the chances of you suffering a back injury.

Once you begin to suffer back pain, continued exposure to vibration is likely to make the pain worse. Prompt action to protect workers from vibration should stop the damage from getting worse.

You should probably assume that you are at risk if you regularly drive or operate vehicles and machinery for most of the day.  Among those most at risk are regular drivers of:

  • industrial trucks such as lift trucks and straddle carriers
  • road haulage vehicles, rail vehicles, buses, etc.
  • construction and quarrying vehicles and machinery
  • tractors and other agricultural and forestry machinery

Contact us for information on new seating systems or upgrades to your current seats.  Stop WBV and the pain in generates.

Portable Cushions for Tractors and Equipment


This convenient portable cushion is ideal for people that use multiple pieces of equipment on the construction site, around the farm or in the yard.  It uses the proven MitiGator™ Technology to protect from the harsh vibrations and impacts that are common when using tractors or heavy equipment.  It comes complete with a convenient carrying handle and a tough vinyl cover with a screened bottom.

Great for use on equipment of all sorts, including riding lawnmowers, garden or farm tractors, frontend loaders, dozers, etc.  It can be used on metal seats as shown above or directly on top of an existing cushion.  It is roughly 13” x 13” x 2” and weighs about five pounds.  Just take the cushion with you where ever you need protection.

Retail price is US $162.00, FOB Bradenton, FL.