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Interview with John Gibson USAR PRO driver talking about the Mitigator

John Gibson of John Gibson Motorsports talks about his latest sponsor, Seasgroup Inc and their new Mitigator Enhanced Ford Fusion Race Car with Race 2 Win Radio.  John also speaks of the great advantages of enhancing his car with the Mitigator and what it will mean to him down the road in this exciting sport.

Listen in on the interview here : USAR Mitigator Interview

Tell us what you think.  Also watch for Team Mitigator and live Webcasts from USAR Pro Races.  We are down and dirty in the Pits with #13 John Gibson all the way as John moves up the Rankings.  Watch it live here :  USAR Pro Live Webcast

Ben, Seasgroup Manager, was at the race and gives his unique point of view on how the event went down.

As we all know racing at Langley did not go nearly as planned. The first issue on Saturday was the WiFi, it was so weak and intermittent that by the time you would get the browser up and running and get to broadcast, you would lose the signal again, and on Sunday there was no signal strength to even get to the web. Second on Saturday it began raining about 2:30. Before the rain’s came, John had run the 6th fastest lap during practice so everyone was feeling good about the car, and hopes of getting the race in dwindled as the hours of watching rain drops fall continued until 7:00 when race officials postponed the race until Sunday.


Sunday racing started at 2:00 and John started at 15th due to qualifying being rained out and with only 24 cars showing up for the race, this started John closer to the rear of the field than the front of it. As the race progressed, through Johns driving skills (missing multiple wrecks), some pretty aggressive pit strategy, and some lightning fast pit stops by the crew, John had made it up to 6thposition, and was racing hard for 5th when the 2nd place car was spun on the back stretch causing John to pull down and drive through the grass. This put John up into 5th with about 80 laps to go. As the race was winding down the car that was spun made his way back through the field, when he made it back to John he was able to beat John to the inside, and passed him bringing along another car leaving John on the outside to finish 7th.  All in all it was another good day for the Mitigator/Circle Track Ford Fusion of Gibson Motorsports. Other than a minor scrape on the wall of the front stretch leaving some cosmetic damage to the right side, the car and driver are ready for the next race at Concord NC on September 5th.