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gliderThe University of Adelaide of Australia’s Mechanical Engineering Department has selected a MitiGator™ seat cushion for its advanced Wing Borne HydroFoil high performance marine sailing craft.  The basis of this design differs from the majority of high-speed sailing craft in that it utilizes a wing rather than a conventional sail. The ability of the wing to adjust to the optimal angle relative to the wind gives the WBHF the capability to tack (and hence sail) both upwind and downwind. Furthermore by tacking the craft downwind the craft is able to sail faster than the wind. Another distinguishing feature of the WBHF is its ability to lift the hull out of the water when the craft achieves sufficient velocity, thus eliminating a significant source of drag, and hence accelerating the craft to considerably high speeds. Other design features that contribute to the high performance and safety of the craft include the ability to self-correct and stabilize when the craft becomes unbalanced, the quick release of the wing, customized hydrofoil design suited exclusively to this application and lightweight design of the craft, attained using non-conventional materials and manufacturing methods. The craft employs several control systems to ensure stability once flight is achieved and also provide pilot control. Given these unique characteristics, it is believed the WBHF has the potential to challenge several sailing records including the bi-directional nautical mile sailing speed record and ultimately the world sailing speed record.

This revolutionary sail craft will literally fly and therefore will subjected to repeated impacts as it hits wave tops or returns to the water, thus the selection of a MitiGator™ seat cushion to protect the pilot from impact injuries.  It is anticipated that the cushion will be shipped to Australia from the Sea Systems facility in Virginia, USA in October 2008.

Barbara McKinney says “The use of MitiGator™ seat cushions in such state-of-the art high performance sailing vessel provides a perfect background for announcing our new partnership (joint venture) withPremier Performance Interiors, Inc. (PPI) of Bradenton, Fl (941.752.6271) to produce and market the ultimate in shock mitigation seats and interiors for the high performance boating market.   PPI is Florida’s leader in innovation, style, design and production of high quality performance upholstery for the marine industry.   Their reputation and cutting edge technology have been developed over years of providing superior products to customers.  We are pleased to partner with PPI to offer shock mitigation to our customers.”

“We are pleased to partner with Sea Systems Hi-Impact, developers of the MitiGator™ technology, to offer shock mitigation to our customers.  For our OEM customers, we have the ability to add shock mitigation to any production seat” said Jim Cowan, Vice President of PPI.

He continued “In addition, we offer our aftermarket customers seats with MitiGator™ technology.  For those who want a new look and new upholstery, we offer a brand new look along with the comfort of the shock mitigating system.  You will have an unbelievable ride along with a brand new look.  If you just want the benefit of extra comfort and safety, we can retrofit your current seats in your high performance boat with MitiGator™ technology.  Our staff will open up your performance seats, add the MitiGator™ technology and close them back up.  Visually they will look just as they do now, but performance wise the difference is unbelievable.”

Helicopter Seats

helicopter1helicopter2Rotorcraft cushions are where we cut our teeth and have the longest track record (since 1995).  The MitiGator™ rotorcraft cushions are engineered cushioning systems designed to protect people from hard impacts and crash landings and to allow them to continue to perform their jobs.  MitGator™ Systems are engineered to dissipate much of the shock, vibration and impact energy before it can be transmitted to the body.  They allow crews to operate longer and more efficiently.  Independent studies have shown that The MitGator™ System acts as a vibration attenuating system. This reduces fatigue and pain, allowing flight crews to concentrate on the job at hand.

In simulated crash studies conducted by the U.S. Navy, The MitiGator™ reduced the energy transmitted through to crash dummies by an average of 40% for middle and heavy weight individuals. In fact in some individual comparisons, lumbar load was reduced by as much as 65%. The MitiGator™ has been shown to reduce whole body vibration by as much as 75% over 2″ thick “space” foam cushions, thus reducing fatigue. The MitiGator™ has been validated through intensive in-house testing as well as by independent testing by the US Navy & Army and several commercial laboratories.

Email or call us about a cushion for your helicopter.  We have an extensive background in this area and we can usually design a cushion system for a helicopter with NO development charges!