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Click here for a technical description of the technology used in our products.

Click here to review the 2003 MACC presentation on using The MitiGatorâ„¢ for applications onboard hi-speed boats, including mats, bolsters, seat cushions, below decks and equipment protection. Also go to for other presentations related to injuries during hi-speed boat operations.
Press Releases

June 2009-Sea Systems Group Ships the 50 (doc)
June 2009-PPI and SEAS Offer MitiGator Mats (doc)
June 2009-PPI Updates a Donzi with MitiGator (doc)
June 2009-Trinidad Delivery (doc)
October 2008-WBHF Cushion Shipment (doc)
September 2008-The University of Adelaide of Australia (doc)
October 2006-SEA Systems demonstrates MitiGatorâ„¢ technology at 2006 World Inboard Championship Races
September 14, 2005-2005 Milestones Achieved
December 1, 2004-Southern Piedmont Technical Council presents SEAS The 2004 Leadership in Science and Technology Award
October 18, 2004-Dawnbreaker/Navy Awards SEAS the prestigious Outstanding Phase III Transition Award
March 19, 2004-2004 Milestones Achieved
March 24, 2003-SEAS Receives Favorable Test Results from DOD
November 15, 2002-SEAS Delivers Prototypes to US DOD
October 20, 2002-SEAS Announces Technology Trademark
June 17, 2002-SEAS Announces WEB Presence
June 3, 2002-Innovative Seat Cushioning System

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Hydroplane Challenge
2005 Milestones
Leadership Award
Navy Award
2004 Milestones
DOD Test Results
DOD Prototypes
New Trademark
Website Launch
Cobra Cushion

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