Mitigator Deck Floor Mats for Pain free fun on the Water

choppy water boatsFor all of you warriors out there looking to have some fun on the waves…but hate the bangs and crashes of a choppy day…Fear Not.  Seasgroup Inc has a fantastic product for you, our Patented Mitigator Deck Floor Mats.  These floor mats offer all the protection of our highly sought after military grade high impact protection panels used in Humvee’s by our armed forces, but fine tuned to handle the rapid impacts of having a fun day on the water.  Feel refreshed and pain free.  They come in standard sizes, colors or you can have it custom designed to match your boats interior.  Regardless of your boat size or style, we have a solution for you!

If they are good enough to protect our troops in action, trust us, they are good enough to ensure a safe and pain free day on the water!


If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone regarding our line of Boating products, please call us at 434-374-9553 otherwise you can purchase online at Xtreme Boat Mats.  We accept all major credit cards.


If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please click on the media link below.

The MitiGator™ Technology is an engineered cushioning system designed to protect people and equipment from these assaults and to allow them to continue to perform their jobs or enjoy their leisure time. The MitiGator™ uses patented air control technology working with over 4,000 surfaces per square foot to dissipate energy before it is transmitted to the body and thus help alleviate the problems. For more information on the MitiGator Cushioning System email

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