Millions Of Teeth Lost Every Year In Youth Sports

Teeth of a model.
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According to USA Today, over 3 million teeth are knocked out every year in children who engage in youth sports. Baseball and Basketball are the sports where these injuries occur the most.

The most common injuries are displaced teeth and broken jaws, that if not treated by a dentist or other medical professional within 24 hours, can lead to permanent injury.  Parents are obviously concerned with the well-being of their children who participate in youth sports. The use of proper equipment is important to parents and youth sport coaches who want to protect their players.

A mouth guard made up of the MitiGator Cushioning System developed by Sea System Group can provide adequate mouth protection for children who play youth sports. The MitiGator is a light weight material that is made up of a layer of film that forces air to run through a web of complex channels when force is applied. This allows the material to absorb most of the impact protecting the user in the process.

The MitiGator can be applied to a variety of sports equipment including helmets, gloves, as well as mouth guards. Youth sports are great way for a child to stay activate and make friends.  Using the right equipment will make all the difference between a day out on the field, or an emergency visit to the dentist.

The MitiGator™ Technology is an engineered cushioning system designed to protect people and equipment from these assaults and to allow them to continue to perform their jobs or enjoy their leisure time. The MitiGator™ uses patented air control technology working with over 4,000 surfaces per square foot to dissipate energy before it is transmitted to the body and thus help alleviate the problems. For more information on the MitiGator Cushioning System email

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