Colorado Rockies Pitcher Juan Nicasio Hit in Head

Over the weekend Colorado Rockies rookie pitcher Juan Nicasio was hit in the head with a line drive during a game against the Washington Nationals. The 24 year old pitcher was hospitalized after suffering  a C1 vertebrae fracture.

The incident is a grim example of how dangerous baseball can be.¬† Fans don’t realize the risk players take when they go out on the field every single game. This isn’t the first or last time a player will get hit with a line drive or fastball. It’s just the nature of the game. This incident should serve as a reminder of why it’s important to use quality equipment and cushioning systems to protect players not just in baseball but in other sports.

In Mr. Nicasio’s case it would have been difficult for any sort of equipment to have protected him since pitchers don’t wear helmets. That could change after Friday’s accident.¬† Using the MitiGator cushioning system on baseball equipment such as helmets would reduce the chance of a player receiving a serious injury like the one Juan Nicasio received Friday. Hitter’s are also exposed to the dangers of balls coming at them at 90 plus miles an hour.

A hit to the head can lead to serious injury, making it essential that the helmet absorb most of the impact protecting the player’s head in the process. Seas Group hopes that Mr. Micasio makes a speedy recover and that he may be back on the field in the not so distant future.

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