Mitigator Deck Floor Mats for Pain free fun on the Water

For all of you warriors out there looking to have some fun on the waves…but hate the bangs and crashes of a choppy day…Fear Not.  Seasgroup Inc has a fantastic product for you, our Patented Mitigator Deck Floor Mats.  These floor mats offer all the protection of our highly sought after military grade high impact protection […]

The 2012 World Dressage Is Here!

The 2012 World Dressage Masters in Palm Beach is here! The World Dressage Masters will showcase some of the finest horses in the world in this yearly event that brings equestrian lovers together in admiration of these beautiful animals. At the event, Miti-Gait, an affiliate of Sea Systems Group, will have its own booth throughout […]

The MitiGator And The Future of Space Travel

After 30 years of service, NASA’s space shuttle fleet will be retired marking the end of on era for space exploration.  The space shuttle was a technological marvel that will forever change the way humans travel to space. Now with the shuttle retired, there is much concern over America’s ability to travel to space. For […]