are we just accepting common pain and not doing anything to help prevent it?

A weekend of riding 4-wheelers left me wondering if we are just accepting pain and not doing anything to help prevent it.

This past weekend we celebrated the fourth of July by having a bonfire and of course grilling hot dogs and making smores. My brother’s girlfriend ended up bringing over her 4-wheelers and we had a blast riding them. We rode them so much this past weekend. We went over jumps, of course had a few races. We spent Saturday and Sunday doing a lot of riding on our land. This monday morning I woke up to my back killing me! My arms and back were absolutely on fire. But this got me thinking, “Geeze.. I’ve got to get Mitigator in these seats!”

The seats come off the 4-wheelers pretty easily, and it wouldn’t be very hard at all to install them. The MitiGator would solve the problems with my back from riding the 4-wheeler. But this blog isn’t about how we have engineered 4-wheeler seats installed with MitiGator ( which we could ). But rather it is about no longer accepting the pains that come with our passions. If I rode 4-wheelers all the time and didn’t know that there was a product that I could install in the seats that would eliminate my back pain, I would just assume that my lower back pain is something that I am going to have to get use to if I go riding all day long. But the MitiGator is designed to absorb impacts and vibrations from being absorb through your body. Here’s the kicker, it is another beautiful day here in North Carolina and I can’t even come close to riding again because how bad my back hurts. So imagine being able to install the MitiGator in your seats, or in whatever causes your pain to flair up, and then continue to enjoy your leisure time or get more done at work. So don’t just accept the pain that comes with your work or passions. Contact us today and let us try to to do something to eliminate your nagging pain.

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