To Present The Latest In Shock MitiGation During The MACC: June 14 – 16

On June 14-16 will be on hand at the Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MACC). During the conference on June 14th will be presenting at the Medal of Honor room at 2pm. Exhibitors and event attendees will be presented with the latest in shock mitigation: The MitiGator Cushioning System! Attendees of the conference will be shown how the MitiGator is designed to absorb and dissipate the energy from impacts and vibrations.

The primary focus of the MACC is the dialog between the Department of Defense and other government agencies on common issues unique to boats and craft in their service. The types of craft discussed range from Army & Navy service craft to Navy and Coast Guard patrol boats to Naval Special Warfare and Marine Corps combatant craft. Craft types include RIB’s, patrol and insertion craft, landing craft, utility craft and special purpose craft. will have a busy month of May, as we will also be displaying the MitiGator Cushioning System on May 17th – May 19th at the 2011 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Florida. The same weekend we will be also be at the 2nd annual Michigan Defense Industrial Base Expo in Warren, Michigan.

The MitiGator™ Technology is an engineered cushioning system designed to protect people and equipment from these assaults and to allow them to continue to perform their jobs or enjoy their leisure time. The MitiGator™ uses patented air control technology working with over 4,000 surfaces per square foot to dissipate energy before it is transmitted to the body and thus help alleviate the problems. For more information on the MitiGator Cushioning System email

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