Safety must come first!

Shockproof your addiction

Whatever your addiction is: motorsports, boating, motocross, mountain biking,… The list could go on. The first priority of any of these has to be to make the ride/experience as safe as possible. That is the purpose behind, to show you a new safety innovation that can make your addiction safer.

A lot of times we just associate the pains that come from whatever we are riding/driving as pains that you must experience because of the ride. This was the case last year before I had the chance to experience sitting in a MitiGator equipped seat in our USAR Pro Cup car. After every race I would always have lower back pain and would hardly be able to stand up after a race because of my back. But when I got to try the MitiGator Equipped seat for the first time the results were phenomenal. At first I couldn’t tell a whole lot of difference between sitting on just foam, compared to sitting on the MitiGator. But as soon as the race was over, I noticed that my back wasn’t sore. Infact, I felt like I could run another 250 laps. In fact I look at it as an advantage over the competition. When the track is beating them up, I have something that will absorb the impacts and vibrations so my body doesn’t have to.

MitiGator Equipped seats in the Mitigator Offshore Powerboat

The point of the MitiGator is to absorb impacts and vibrations, and dissipate the energy from them over the mitigator instead of being transmitted through your body. So don’t simply accept that the pain you experience is something that can’t be eliminated. Send me an email, and we’ll see what we can come up with to make your addiction that much safer and more comfortable. This month alone we have prototyped MitiGator equipped MotoCross gloves, MotoCross boots, Stock Car gloves, Boating Seats, PWC Gloves,  Mountain bike seats, and Motorcycle seats, just to name a few. Keep checking back to this blog to see the latest applications and innovations from

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