Mitigator Ford Fusion Finishes 2nd at New Smyrna Speedway

The Mitigator Ford Fusion in action

The momentum continues to roll for the Mitigator Ford Fusion after a 2nd place effort this past saturday. The 2nd place finishes pushes us up into 2nd place in points for the USAR Pro Cup series. The track was a tough one to get a hold of, but the Gibson Motorsports crew did a great job of choosing the right pit strategy and came home with a 2nd straight top 5 finish. We were able to get some amazing videos throughout the day, which are going to be on our youtube page, so make sure you subscribe so you can catch all of the racing action.

The Live webcast from the track was a overwhelming success. We had over 1000 people log on to the broadcast throughout the day! At the end o the race over 600 people were logged on! There are going to be more live webcasts like this throughout the year. We are going to have the next one at Hickory Motor Speedway on May 1st. However, later in May we have a big event planned at the 2010 off-shore powerboat association’s season opener. We will not only be showcasing the races from the opener, but we will also be showing the benefits of using mitigator in the harsh conditions that the boat racers experience. So don’t forget to check back to

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