MitiGator Heavy Equipment Applications

Ideally suited for a variety of construction, forestry, agriculture, and public transportation uses, SEA System Group’s MitiGator™ technology is a proven solution in injury prevention through vibration reduction.

Using MitiGator to Reduce Vibration

As shown in this graph, MitiGator can reduce the vibration a person receives in a vehicle seat. The worse yur environment, the more you need a seat with the MitiGator incorporated.  

Mitigator Deck Floor Mats for Pain free fun on the Water

For all of you warriors out there looking to have some fun on the waves…but hate the bangs and crashes of a choppy day…Fear Not.  Seasgroup Inc has a fantastic product for you, our Patented Mitigator Deck Floor Mats.  These floor mats offer all the protection of our highly sought after military grade high impact protection […]